Oh My Gac

"I'm quite aware of how ridiculous I am." - Albert, The Birdcage.

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Fooding as of late. Starting from top left, going clockwise: insalata ai fruitti di mare from Lincoln, tuna tartare from Peels, carnitas cemita from Tacos Y quesadillas truck, grandma pie from Little Italy Pizza. Pants sure are tight, but all’s been deeelish.

Tuesday TMI

-Still green juicing.  It’s good times and keeping me “on the regular”.

-Le Pain Quotidien has a seasonal special featuring a sweet pea hummus tartine, and various other sweet pea plates.  It’s citrusy and delicious.

-Westhampton, though less bourgeoisie than Bridge or South, was perfect for a long July 4th, beachy birthday weekend.  Nestled between the Moriches Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, our 3-bedroom house was constantly kissed with a lovely breeze passing through our windows, sound-tracked by the soothing waves hitting the clean, sandy shore.  I couldn’t have asked for a more chill, relaxing time.  We sure got our suntan/burn on, and watched a bit of Wimbledon with fresh Bloody Marys.  Best of all, we barely hit traffic coming back into the city, which all of you city-dwellers know is always a gamble returning home on any summer Sunday.

I slept so much and now my body’s put itself back together again. Ahh, Saturday. Enjoy!