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Sweet snowy Sunday.

Homemade vodka sauce! Hi, Sunday
So for the most part, I am a savory tooth, not a sweet one. And my dilemma lately has been finding healthy breakfast foods that aren’t sweet. I am so anti oatmeal, I hate the sweetness, the mushiness, the relative sameness of the whole thing. So besides the stupid expensive egg white wraps and English muffins from Starbucks, etc, I really struggle to find something I want to eat first thing in the morning that sustains me and has enough protein. 

So for awhile, avoiding carbs, I’d have 2 hard boiled eggs a day, but it wasn’t ideal, or exciting, especially since my cholesterol was already high. 

Now this here, in this adorable muffin tin, with chicken sausage, spinach, green peppers, scallions, a bit of cheese and of course many eggs, is right up my alley. The first time I made it, I had less veggies, and totally overcooked them. The sides were a lil brown on the edges, making the eggs a bit chewy. This time, mama got it right(!), and I can’t wait to have two or so every morning this week. Easy to store & quick to warm in the microwave. I don’t have a specific recipe I’ve used, but if you google breakfast eggs in muffin tins, you’ll find a bunch of great recipes to guide you.


Today on the UWS

-an old man hauling a dirty rolled up carpet into Freddie & Pepper’s Pizza, looking at the staff then leaving after the cashier says “No thank you.” waving him away. When I give the cashier an inquisitive look he tells me, “He does that every Sunday, I always just say Noo noo!”
-the neighborhood crazy homeless man shouting “Everyone looooves a faggot!!” as a yellow truck blasting techno music drives down Broadway.
-a winding, never-ending line of people in workout clothes at the Trader Joes checkout
-a slow-moving line of elderly Jewish people pushing their grocery carts at the Fairway checkout
-a stupid long line of good-looking couples at Levain Bakery, still.

Can’t stop cooking! Homemade egg salad, shrimp fajitas, creamed spinach and broccoli, and more cinnamon rolls. Mmm #fatty #sunday
More home cooking and daydreaming of far away cities.
Only good can come from this #pizzadip #sunday