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"I'm quite aware of how ridiculous I am." - Albert, The Birdcage.

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Monday - I canceled my Zumba class and walked up Columbus Avenue in the rain instead. I stopped in Magnolia Bakery and sniffed around, looked at the massive carrot cake, counted the rows of beautiful pastel icing topped cupcakes, smiled at the staff and then left empty-handed. <huh?> I know. I’m really a savory person! I continued up the Ave. to my favorite cute dress store and proceeded to purchase a maroon colored dress with tiny penguins on it (had to.), unfortunately they didn’t have any dark green colored studs that I’ve been looking for. Back to C Wonder, I go(?). Then I bought ($39!) jeans and a jewelry rack from Urban and headed home to make a crappy looking collage from old Marie Claire magazines and a few personal photos for a huge dusty Ikea frame that was hiding behind my couch.

Tuesday - I plowed through Hip Hop dance class feeling heavy and quite booby since my sports bra has seemed to stretch out, and walked with nostalgic affection through the neighborhood I lived in for nearly seven years. I stopped in H&M looking for new workout clothes on the cheap and was told they are only sold at the 34th Street store <bummer> After working out one day this week I seem to think I deserve more new things. I came home and warmed up some Indian food, <saag paneer & garlic naan> watched an episode of The Client List <yeah, I did>, took a hot bath and fell asleep on my couch, hair wet and all.

Wednesday - woke up to the constant sawing and cutting of marble by the construction men across the way who are working on a beautiful loft every morning at 9am. Grabbed my alarm only to find the volume completely turned down. <thanks> Jumped out of bed to check the work blackberry to find a major change that needed to be made on a deck going out this morning. <of course> Sent work email, called coworker, crisis averted. Ate two Trader Joe’s potato latkes fresh from the oven, making my apartment smell like a warm, starchy abode. My Macy’s bed arrived <hello gorgeous> much to my delight on time and when the delivery guys schlepped this beauty up the three flights of stairs, they stopped to put on blue covers over their shoes before entering my apartment and politely took my old full size away. <goodbye, old friend> One then offered to vacuum around the bed, but I smiled and said No that’s alright, and skipped over to my new queen to lie on it starfish style, all limbs out.

Now I’m officially all out of money, especially since rent is due, hey like end of week, right? <woops> But feeling happy with my purchases, the only necessary one being the bed because the other stuff, that’s just fluff to make me feel pretty, cozy and at home.

(Sorry about the repost, but I wanted to give you more bang for your buck!)

  • 27 March 2013
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