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"I'm quite aware of how ridiculous I am." - Albert, The Birdcage.

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smitten kitchen's smoky eggplant dip

another to try!

Grilled Zucchini Rolls with Artichoke Pesto Recipe | Zucchini Ribbons




these topping combos will change your avocado game forever

Oh yes.

Weekend upstate with girlfriends. It was some good quality time, relaxation and of course, delicious home cooking. Dogs, antiques and braiding of hair, we had ourselves a true girls getaway!

Fan picture frames found in a friends Mom’s old barn.

this woman at the doctor had a really cute backpack from here:


That time I tried to go to sleep early



Homemade chicken adobo. I’ve been craving this! #flipfood #gaccooks

What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended

"You will gain weight and be covered in stress rashes."